16 June, 2016Uncategorized
EdgeMakers goes to the Biosphere 2!
31 May, 2016Cause
Our Goal is Peace
13 May, 2016Tech
Cash or Credit Card? Neither.
25 March, 2016Creativity
EdgeMakers Wanted!
25 March, 2016Cause
The Truth of Women in Japan
25 March, 2016Tech
Minimizing the “Madness” Using Technology
25 March, 2016Cause
Wake Up Call for Unsold Food
24 March, 2016Creativity
EdgeMakers: Empowering young innovators to change the world.
29 February, 2016Tech
Order Up!
5 February, 2016Cause
The Muted Cries of Forced Marriages
20 January, 2016Culture
Do Not Disturb...For a Week
28 December, 2015Stories
What Goes a Long Way
2 December, 2015Cause
Gender Violence - It Needs to be Stopped
27 October, 2015Tech
Fantasy Beats Reality. Every Time.
19 October, 2015Stories
Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Doesn’t Do Justice
28 September, 2015Tech
Siri, how do I fix this?
28 September, 2015Cause
The Rainbow Community in Japan
8 September, 2015Cause
Feminism in the Life of a Teenager
27 May, 2015Tech
Where are we going?
1 May, 2015Uncategorized
Read Receipts: the Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood
10 March, 2015Uncategorized
My Computer Knows Me Better Than I Do
1 February, 2015Uncategorized
Processing with Warhol
3 January, 2015Uncategorized
Sphero: The App-Controlled Ball That Does It All
20 October, 2014Uncategorized
Sphero: Learning to code
30 September, 2014Uncategorized
Corporation Control: We give them power
22 September, 2014EdgeMaker
Locked In: The Importance of Passionate, Student-Centered Learning
19 September, 2014Cause
How To Defeat Melanoma! My inspiration and process
17 September, 2014Digital Literacy
Technology and School: Do they go together?
14 August, 2014EdgeMaker
Colombian teens reimagine education
14 August, 2014EdgeMaker
An EdgeMaker's Heroes Fest Journal
30 July, 2014Character
Walt Disney: Discovering the man behind the mouse
17 July, 2014EdgeMaker
How do we prevent conflict?
26 June, 2014Education
Inspiring words from Jim Carrey
23 June, 2014Contest
Learning from a student master
19 June, 2014Character
Summer internship: First days
18 June, 2014Education
Why can't Alicia go to college?
17 June, 2014EdgeParent
Parents take kids to the edge of space and return
16 June, 2014Contest
The best of student creativity comes alive
13 June, 2014Culture
Is Minecraft really better than TV?
Off for summer vacation
12 June, 2014
by Gabriel Sokoloff
11 June, 2014Education
How we made a movie about education reform
11 June, 2014Creativity
Don't toss that cardboard!
10 June, 2014Contest
Edgemaking student filmmakers show off
9 June, 2014Cause
Your chance to do some good today
5 June, 2014Education
Educar in pictures
3 June, 2014Contest
Know how to fix climate change?
3 June, 2014Sustainability
Cook your own hyper-sustainable water bottle
2 June, 2014Digital Literacy
Is there still a place for writing by hand in school?
30 May, 2014Contest
Last chance to save lives while making your creative mark
28 May, 2014Digital Literacy
Building a digital identity
21 May, 2014Culture
Think Big!
14 May, 2014Contest
How to avoid skin cancer, a teenager chimes in
12 May, 2014Tech
Gmail remade our school experience
5 May, 2014Education
Education Reform
29 April, 2014Charities
Stories from the Banyon
28 April, 2014The Green School
Overwhelming India
18 April, 2014Sustainability
How to be a green school
11 April, 2014Entrepreneurs
An UNREAL visit to Green School
8 April, 2014Culture
A Talk with Ibu Ika
7 April, 2014Sustainability
Creating a sustainable monster
31 March, 2014Tech
For teenagers, smart phones are the only thing that matters
27 March, 2014Wicked Problem
EdgeMakers Wanted!
24 March, 2014Digital Literacy
Are we our technology?
2 March, 2014The Green School
The Story of Achyuth Jaigopal-Nasi Campur’s lead Guitarist
2 March, 2014The Green School
Sweet Thang
2 March, 2014Character
Things Our Mothers Say That Just Simply Aren’t True
2 March, 2014The Green School
Inside Ibu.Kadek’s Kitchen: Pimpira Pettibone
2 March, 2014The Green School
Flores: Where all the Men Smoke and the Women Chew Tobacco
2 March, 2014Education
The Little Things
2 March, 2014The Green School
Getting Down & Dirty
2 March, 2014Education
The Green Stone Project: Green School’s Own Ted Talks
2 March, 2014The Green School
Mozzie Mondays
2 March, 2014Sustainability
Hollaback – What Is Sustainability?
2 March, 2014The Green School
2 March, 2014Other
Teen Animal Abuse
2 March, 2014Charities
2 March, 2014Sustainability
What does MEI stand for?
2 March, 2014The Green School
The Return of the Python
2 March, 2014The Green School
Surprise in the Storage Room
2 March, 2014Education
Flatland: A Green School Course
2 March, 2014Education
V-Day 2014
2 March, 2014Education
Innovative Approaches Towards Sustainable Shelters
2 March, 2014Sustainability
My School - The Bamboo Catherdral
26 February, 2014Wicked Problem
When it's a good thing to be a member of "Team Effuelent"
26 February, 2014The Green School
Bali Spirit Festival